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Re: Outgoing email with exim, was Re: Strange LAN IP Address.

On 2018-07-04 04:40, Mike McClain wrote:
On Tue, Jul 03, 2018 at 05:42:15PM -0500, David Wright wrote:
On Tue 03 Jul 2018 at 08:52:22 (-0700), Mike McClain wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 02, 2018 at 03:17:27PM -0400, Stephen P. Molnar wrote:
> <snip>
>     Should anyone reading this know hjow to get exim4 to connect to
> outbound.att.net I'd love to hear about it.

Curt got the wiki, and my googling landed on
It looks as though these are more up to date than the wiki.

In the first, I assume that the table rows are labelled wrongly,
but it seems to show SMTP on smtp.mail.att.net ports 465 or 587
as well as the hostname you gave. I would also try port 587 on
both hostnames: it won't be the first to give the wrong one.

The second shows how to get a suitable password for your userID.
(I would use this approach merely because I don't know anything
about oath.)

Anyway, what doesn't work for you and what response do you get
from exim?

What doesn't work? Can't send mail.
Long before Verizon and Oath were involved with Yahoo.

When I switched from dialup AT&T had me using port 465 and at that
time I was getting some kind of authorization error but couldn't find
out what.

# /etc/exim4/update-exim4.conf.conf

Here's an excerpt from current exim's log:
2018-07-03 19:51:29 1faXd0-0008Gb-JB Remote host
smtp.att.mail.fy4.b.yahoo.com [] closed
connection in response to initial connection
2018-07-03 19:51:59 1faXd0-0008Gb-JB == nialccm.ekim@xxxxxxxxx
R=smarthost T=remote_smtp_smarthost defer (-18): Remote host
smtp.att.mail.fy4.b.yahoo.com [] closed connection in
response to initial connection

Switching update-exim4.conf.conf to read:

exim's log now shows:
2018-07-03 20:15:24 1faYFl-00006U-4d ** mikemcclain.46@xxxxxxx
R=smarthost T=remote_smtp_smarthost: SMTP error from remote mail
server after MAIL FROM:<> SIZE=2464: host
smtp.att.mail.fy4.b.yahoo.com []: 550 Request failed;
Mailbox unavailable

This last message shows a further complication. I have a primary email
account with ATT as well as several aliases,. I also have a Yahoo
account, likewise gmail and am likely to use any of them as the source
(From:, ReplyTo: headers) in outgoing mail depending on where it's going.
I only have one, the primary, in /etc/exim4/passwd.client for ATT.

My dialup doesn't care what I call myself when I send email but
perhaps ATT/Yahoo does.

No I haven't tried to get that special password.

What I've got works, I guess I'll leave it rather than jump through
hoops for Verizon.

Thanks for the references.

think with yahoo you have to login on their web site and register the sending email address to use their SMTP


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