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Re: Strange LAN IP Address.

On Tue 03 Jul 2018 at 19:59:18 (+0200), Pascal Hambourg wrote:
> Le 03/07/2018 à 02:42, David Wright a écrit :
> >On Mon 02 Jul 2018 at 21:58:15 (+0200), john doe wrote:
> >
> >>It could be that the ISP router went into "bridge mode" (router
> >>function was disabled).
> >
> >Which is rather worrying as you are exposed to the Internet
> >without any security.
> Why "without any security" ?
> Bridge mode does not cancel the intrinsic security of the host.

We're not talking about the host(s), but the LAN side of the
modem-router, as you do here:

> Besides, the security provided by the router mode is questionable. I
> would not rely on any ISP-provided device for my LAN security.

… which was the opinion expressed in my next paragraph:

"My advice would be to ditch it and get separate units. […] have full
control over the router."