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Re: next LTS version?

On Tuesday 03 July 2018 17:56:23 Roberto C. Sánchez wrote:

> On Tue, Jul 03, 2018 at 05:52:13PM -0400, Gene Heskett wrote:
> > Greetings all;
> >
> > Since wheezy is pretty much EOL even for security stuffs, whats the
> > next version that will be LTS?
> >
> > As a linuxcnc fan, I'd like to know what I have to build a rt, or
> > rtai-kernel on.
> Depending on your use case, the limited support which continues for
> wheezy mighty adequate for your needs:
> https://deb.freexian.com/extended-lts/
Humm, TANSTAAFL. Lowest cost per year is 300 USD. I'd have to discuss 
that with the better half.

However its nice to know there is a possibility of its being self 
supporting.  Thank you for the link.
> Regards,
> -Roberto

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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