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Re: Strange LAN IP Address.

On Monday 02 July 2018 15:17:27 Stephen P. Molnar wrote:

> I have my principle Debian Stretch platform on the LAN in our home.
> Two towers (both Linux platforms) and a HP Printer have wired
> connections, my Win 10 Laptop and two Android smartphones use WiFi
> connections.
> This morning when I
> When I tried using WinSCP on the Laptop to transfer a file from the
> principle Linux platform the connection attempt failed!
> When I ran ifconfig on the Linux platform it showed the unet
> connection to be!!?????  The LAN modem employs DCHP set
> with allowed IP range as through, which was
> set by the T&T installer when we switched to a fiber optic network.
> Further examination of the modem settings showed IP Passthrough status
> as on (Public IP Address), which was, in fact the IP.
> I spent 40 minutes, on hold for 28 of those minutes, with an AT&T
> UVVerse technical (????) person without hearing any reasons why the IP
> was what it was.
> Note the tense at the end of the above sentence, because subsequent
> rebooting the modem restored the IP address to the correct DHCP range.
> I suppose the moral of this - first reboot the modem.
> The question that I have, however, is how did this happen in the first
> place? Or is the reason lost in the black hole of the Internet?
> Is this indicative of a hardware problem?
Only if the problem continues after that router has been reflashed with 
dd-wrt.   Most routers have an NSA backdoor that something or somebody 
found.  dd-wrt is not such a critter.

In 15 years of running it, no one has come thru it that I didn't give 
credentials to do so. That I think, speaks rather highly of dd-wrt.

> Thanks in advance.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
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