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Strange LAN IP Address.

I have my principle Debian Stretch platform on the LAN in our home. Two towers (both Linux platforms) and a HP Printer have wired connections, my Win 10 Laptop and two Android smartphones use WiFi connections.

This morning when I

When I tried using WinSCP on the Laptop to transfer a file from the principle Linux platform the connection attempt failed!

When I ran ifconfig on the Linux platform it showed the unet connection to be!!????? The LAN modem employs DCHP set with allowed IP range as through, which was set by the T&T installer when we switched to a fiber optic network.

Further examination of the modem settings showed IP Passthrough status as on (Public IP Address), which was, in fact the IP.

I spent 40 minutes, on hold for 28 of those minutes, with an AT&T UVVerse technical (????) person without hearing any reasons why the IP was what it was.

Note the tense at the end of the above sentence, because subsequent rebooting the modem restored the IP address to the correct DHCP range. I suppose the moral of this - first reboot the modem.

The question that I have, however, is how did this happen in the first place? Or is the reason lost in the black hole of the Internet?

Is this indicative of a hardware problem?

Thanks in advance.

Stephen P. Molnar, Ph.D.
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