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Re: 20180630223149.b338d4fd2c97ba4b9b246b67

On 2018-07-02 at 10:58, Josh W. wrote:

> Hello, I am using Debian Stretch Linux w/ the GNOME desktop. I have
> been using the same terminals since i upgraded to Stretch ( When
> first released as stable). It just now stopped showing the colors for
> the different contents.

Showing them in what context?

My first guess is that you're talking about the colors used in the
output of 'ls'.

If that's correct, check the value of the LS_COLORS environment
variable. On a system where the colors show up correctly, it should be
one long line with lots of colon-separated entries; on my computer, it's
over 1500 charaters long.

That variable usually gets populated by the output of 'dircolors'
somewhere in the user-profile scripts. Depending on what shell you're
using, you may need different options to dircolors, but in my experience
it usually tends to get set up correctly by the skeleton user profile.

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