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Re: LibreOffice Templates are gone

On Sunday 01 July 2018 11:09:24 Curt wrote:

> On 2018-07-01, Gene Heskett <gheskett@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > This is also a strong recommendation to use a new drive whenever
> > upgrading your distro of choice, you can always mount the old drive
> > and copy your usefull things to the newer one.  One of the reasons
> > my email corpus is so big, some folders go back to 2002.
> Apparently she had two identical partitions running Wheezy, wiped one,
> installed Stretch on it (while leaving 'home' untouched, which
> contained her user templates, 66 of which have gone AWOL).
> This raises the question as to why the other Wheezy partition can't
> provide the missing 66 templates, as well as where the latter might be
> hiding on the new Stretch install, which question is exactly the OP's
> question--but unhappily I don't know the answer.
> >> > Hope this helps.
> >> >
> >> > Best regards
> >> >
> >> > Hans
> >>
> >> Thanks in advance

Neither do I Curt. Perhaps both wheezy installs shared the /home 
directory. Thats the best theory I can float.

If not, the least she should have been doing is syncing the two /home's 
nightly.  But we'll never know without the /etc/fstab from the partition 
she blew away.

And its yet another argument in favor of unplugging that disk with its 
valuable data on it, and installing stretch on a fresh drive. That way 
you've always got a path backwards, loseing none of ones hard work. 
Debian may be calling stretch "stable" but its not yet up to my stds. 
When an uptime report says 6+ months, its getting close. Jessie has done 
quite close to that, running on a pi-3b.

Cheers Curt, Gene Heskett
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