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Re: LibreOffice Templates are gone

On Sunday 01 July 2018 09:00:23 Michelle Konzack wrote:

> Hello,
> Am 2018-07-01 hackte Hans in die Tasten:
> > Hi Michelle,
> >
> > I believe, the entry in your home-directory might only be a symlink
> > to the templates (be
> > not sure).
> >
> > A>s I am running libreoffice6 I can not check prior versions.
> >
> > However, take a look to
> >
> > /usr/lib/libreoffice/share/template/common/
> >
> > and below. Is itz that, you are looking for?
> No, I am searching for my privat templates which I have made
> for the fiscal office and for automated bookkeeping.
> I discovered tjat the templates are missing when I tried to make my
> fiscal declaration for the last year and the XML libs complaint,
> that the LO Templates are missing.
> If you have templates in ~/.config/libreoffice/3/templates/ and
> upgrade to an higher version of LO, it normaly copies the old
> existing private templated to the new location e.g.
> ~/.config/libreoffice/4/templates/
> It seems, there went something wrong with it and LO has not
> detected this error and killed my templates.

But you do have backups I assume? Amanda can be a bear to setup, but the 
peace of mind of having the ability to restore to last nights, or a week 
ago's status is worth every drop of sweat put into it.  And once setup, 
runs every night without any assistance from me, but its always there in 
case something goes aglay.  Its like asking if newly poured cement will 
crack, wrong question, not _will_ but _when_, because it will.

This is also a strong recommendation to use a new drive whenever 
upgrading your distro of choice, you can always mount the old drive and 
copy your usefull things to the newer one.  One of the reasons my email 
corpus is so big, some folders go back to 2002.

> > Hope this helps.
> >
> > Best regards
> >
> > Hans
> Thanks in advance

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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