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Re: Webmail?

On 01/07/18 21:57, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
>> Oh, use https:// and make sure any security is activated in conf.pl.

> And with your self-issued snake oil certs, make sure you check and
> confirm the cert on each device you want to use to access your
> webmail server, from your home network, so that if you eventually
> tunnel in or otherwise access it 'on the road', you have already
> verified your own snake oil cert and a MITM should stand out like
> unicorn balls.

For any server on the internet, I don't see the point in using
self-signed certs any more, now that letsencrypt gives you real ones for

It's a bit more of a pain for a server that's only accessed internally,
but still doable, if you can set up a dummy site for verification (there
are ways to do it without a web server, but I haven't needed that yet)


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