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Re: Webmail?

On Sun, Jul 01, 2018 at 10:57:53AM +0300, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Hi Joe,
> I know, I am a little bit late, but I use Squirrelmail since more
> then 15 years now and had no problems from Woody to Stretch with it.
> I use it even to access my GMail account  :-)  because then I have
> not to bother with those stupid GMail interface and I can do whatever
> I want.
> Best is you create a seperated Virtualhost like <webmail.example.com>
> and decompress the Squirrelmail archive into it. The run the config
> script in  [DOCROOT]/config/conf.pl and set it up.
> Should work out of the box.
> Oh, use https:// and make sure any security is activated in conf.pl.

And with your self-issued snake oil certs, make sure you check and
confirm the cert on each device you want to use to access your
webmail server, from your home network, so that if you eventually
tunnel in or otherwise access it 'on the road', you have already
verified your own snake oil cert and a MITM should stand out like
unicorn balls.

Good luck,