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Re: iPXE Debian Live (no NFS) to RAM and Disk

On Wed, Jun 27, 2018 at 06:34:12PM +0000, Aman Verma wrote:
> My scenario is as follows:1) Install Debian Live over iPXE without
> using NFS (Windows iPXE server, only TFTP, DHCP) to ramdisk.2)
> Install to disk from this live image (scripted, unattended).

>  I am working with debian-live-9.4.0-amd64.xfce.iso. I was able to
>  do the first step.For the second step, I am missing the
>  debian-installer-launcher in /usr/sbin or anywhere really to
>  install to disk. My issue is that this needs to happen unattended
>  and without network. Also there doesn't seem to be documentation
>  on using that package even if I were to install it offline (with
>  all its dependencies). Is there way to do this towards achieving
>  the above scenario?

This might be useful for you for some questions:

Good luck,