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Re: Terminal Color-Coding

On 01/07/18 12:44, Josh W. wrote:
Hi, I was working in my Terminal cleaning up my files and folders when i
needed a second terminal. When i opened it up the Color-Coding that was
visible in my current terminal, was plain grey and black. I restart my
computer hoping that it would be a quick fix, but no luck. So i tried
tuning the setting, and that was a bust as well. I restart my Computer and
it remains the same, the color coding is gone. I remember a while back
there was a way to set the color coding, say i was running as root and
wanted to have the Coding running so i could tell directories form
executable and such. Could anybody help w/ this?? It would be greatly
Joshua <joshw8104@xxxxxxxxx>


which terminal emulator are you using? Gnome Terminal? Xfce Terminal? XTerm? You might have opened a different terminal emulator; your desktop may have launchers for both colour and non-colour terminal emulators. What desktop are you using? What version of Debian?

What had colours before? ls? You can see if ls is aliased in bash by typing "alias ls".

What is the output of "echo $TERM"?

Kind regards,

Ben Caradoc-Davies <ben@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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New Zealand