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Re: Webmail?

On Fri, 29 Jun 2018 22:42:38 +0200
deloptes <deloptes@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Joe wrote:
> > Roundcube works (allegedly) with apache. I'm not an expert on
> > apache2, but as far as I can see, there is an apache2.conf existing
> > and enabled for roundcube, and it leads via an alias to a real
> > index.php in the right place. I just get a 404, and I've tried with
> > and without a trailing slash and a final index.php. Yes, I've
> > restarted apache2, several times, and my other php stuff on the
> > server works.  
> you disqualify for your own question
> webmail is just an interface and yes you need a web server. It might
> be not apache, but you must know how to configure and run web server.
> last but not least the mail must come from somewhere, so you need a
> mail backend server - usually IMAP to serve your mails and you need
> an SMTP server to send/receive mails.
> when you qualify for the 3 you may proceed, but anyway it is not for
> home use - I mean you can run it at home, but anyhow you need to get
> your mail from somewhere and send mail to somewhere and there are so
> many scenarios and way that it is hard to put it in few sentences.
> Most of the meaningful scenarios imply having a FQDN and MX record.
> What people also do is use imapsync to sync to local imap and server
> the mails.
> What most people use is dovecot, exim, spam and antivirus software
> hooked to exim and any mail client. I have also seen dbmail in use.
> I am trying to save you some time and point you to the fact that this
> is not something you setup in one day.

Yes it is, actually. I've been running an exim4/IMAP DNS-based mail
setup for nearly twenty years, I do know a bit about it. Webmail is an
accessory, that can work in addition to proper email. In the case of
Squirrelmail, that's exactly what it did. I was expecting roundcube to
similarly just 'drop in'.