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Re: Webmail?

Joe wrote:

> Roundcube works (allegedly) with apache. I'm not an expert on apache2,
> but as far as I can see, there is an apache2.conf existing and enabled
> for roundcube, and it leads via an alias to a real index.php in the
> right place. I just get a 404, and I've tried with and without a
> trailing slash and a final index.php. Yes, I've restarted apache2,
> several times, and my other php stuff on the server works.

you disqualify for your own question

webmail is just an interface and yes you need a web server. It might be not
apache, but you must know how to configure and run web server.

last but not least the mail must come from somewhere, so you need a mail
backend server - usually IMAP to serve your mails and you need an SMTP
server to send/receive mails.

when you qualify for the 3 you may proceed, but anyway it is not for home
use - I mean you can run it at home, but anyhow you need to get your mail
from somewhere and send mail to somewhere and there are so many scenarios
and way that it is hard to put it in few sentences.

Most of the meaningful scenarios imply having a FQDN and MX record.

What people also do is use imapsync to sync to local imap and server the

What most people use is dovecot, exim, spam and antivirus software hooked to
exim and any mail client. I have also seen dbmail in use.

I am trying to save you some time and point you to the fact that this is not
something you setup in one day.