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Anyone know of a webmail that works on stretch?

I've just spent half an afternoon trying first roundcube then prayer.

Roundcube works (allegedly) with apache. I'm not an expert on apache2,
but as far as I can see, there is an apache2.conf existing and enabled
for roundcube, and it leads via an alias to a real index.php in the
right place. I just get a 404, and I've tried with and without a
trailing slash and a final index.php. Yes, I've restarted apache2,
several times, and my other php stuff on the server works.

Prayer seems incomplete. There is no process running (it's supposedly
standalone) and the configuration file seems untouched from upstream. I
expect Debian packages to deal with the plumbing, connecting it to my
mailboxes and MTA, and setting any ports necessary, maybe asking me a
few questions. The configuration file contains no mention of anything
but University of Cambridge links, and the port is 80, despite my
having a working apache2 there throughout the installation. It may be
as simple as changing that to an unused port (plus associated firewall
fiddling) but I didn't try it, as I'm sure a lot of other stuff needs

It was a long time ago that I put Squirrelmail, no longer a Debian
package, on my old server but I'm pretty sure I installed it and it
Just Worked. 

Does anyone have either of these packages working, or indeed Yet
Another webmail? I must make clear that it's a backup measure, I've yet
to find a webmail I could stand using every day, but I've found it
useful on several occasions when other things have stopped working.