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Re: Claws-mail - which plugin for html mails?

Thank you, Hans!

But I think that package is obsolete, in fact it appears in Precise
Pangolin 12.04, furthermore the package refers to claws-mail 3.8.0, my
version is 3.16.0

What I find very strange (I should be used to strange things since I'm
Italian :-D ) is that I do not see the reason to having a graphical
mailer if it doesn't show html messages, much better a textual one,
open in a xterm (let's hope there are not terrible securities issues
:-D )e.g. mutt (faster, just to mention an advantage, and folders in the
left side do not disappear from time to time with the need to find out
how to see them again!

BTW purists didn't install Xfree86, because of security issues, I do
not think problems have been solved with Xorg :-D

Thank you again,

Aldo :-)

Il giorno Fri, 29 Jun 2018 15:30:21 +0200
Hans <hans.ullrich@xxxxxxx> ha scritto:

> Hi, 
> there is  a "claws-mail-html2-viewer" package in Ubuntu, it might
> also work in debian.
> On the other hand, they are telling, that "gtkhtml2-viewer.so" as a
> plugin shall produce better results.
> Hope this helps.
> Best regards
> Hans