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Re: Claws-mail - which plugin for html mails?

On Friday 29 June 2018 08:24:36 Greg Wooledge wrote:

> On Fri, Jun 29, 2018 at 10:05:47AM +0200, Aldo Maggi wrote:
> > Ok, I understand your point, but, I wonder, are you using just lynx
> > or links2 for going on Internet?  The problems you correctly point
> > out are not the same with Chromium, Firefox etc.?
> I use a web browser to browse the web, but I use mutt to read and
> send email.
> The two things are completely separate for me.  And, I suspect, for
> many other Debian users.
> If someone sends email which contains only HTML and not a textual
> part, mutt shows me the raw HTML.  And then I delete the email,
> because if they can't be bothered to send their words in an ordinary
> plain text message, then I can't be bothered to go out of my way to
> convert it for them.  Plus, it'll either be spam, or a stupid question
> that I have no interest in reading in the first place, because what
> kind of intelligent question could you possibly get from someone who
> sends pure-HTML email?  None.

Rant on

+10,000 folks. Send me pure html mail and it goes straight back 
to "sa-learn spam". And that training has probably sent 20 such messages 
a day to the spam folder already, where its chances of being read are 
very poor, and a reply is once in a blue moon event.

Email was intended to be plain text. And since email is sent to a common 
server, which in turn relays it to every subscriber to the list 
regardless of where on the planet the recipient is, he is going to see 
it, and all your legal dept gets for appending a big if not the intended 
recipient, delete this unread, of course its only seen after reading 
that far down in the message that this is seen. The only thing the legal 
folks are getting out of such a message, is a paycheck that is a drain 
on your resources, there has not been a court rendering anyplace on the 
planet that I'm aware of ordering the reader of such a message to pay 

/rant off
Cheers, Gene Heskett
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 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
-Ed Howdershelt (Author)
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