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Re: Claws-mail - which plugin for html mails?

Ok, I understand your point, but, I wonder, are you using just lynx or
links2 for going on Internet?  The problems you correctly point out are
not the same with Chromium, Firefox etc.?



Il giorno Thu, 28 Jun 2018 08:18:44 +0100
Ben Oliver <ben@xxxxxxxxxxxx> ha scritto:

> On 18-06-28 08:37:59, tomas@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:  
> >
> >For one recent example on how HTML mail can subvert (S-MIME)
> >encryption, see efail [1] (and no, don't follow EFF's recommendation
> >quoted there to disable PGP -- better disable HTML).    
> Agreed - pretty bad advice from the EFF. If you have PGP turned on
> it's for a reason, why would you want to forego that just for some
> dumb HTML email?