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Re: timeout before file dialogs show up

On Wed 27 Jun 2018 at 19:17:51 (+0200), Lucio wrote:
> Il 25/06/2018 16:51, David Wright ha scritto:
> >Do you have a symlink from your home/current working directory
> >pointing to a networked file system (like gvfs, in the light of
> >that error message) which the dialog box is trying to resolve
> >before it can display itself?
> Well, sort of, but probably no.
> I have a directory in my home that is a mount point to a server that
> isn't usually mounted because it is not usually reachable, but it is
> listed in /etc/fstab as noauto,users:
> //fx/data	/home/lucio/_data	cifs	noauto,users,user=lucio,password=secret	0	0
> Does that count?

I don't think the presence of the mountpoint itself is a problem.
(That said, I normally make my mountpoints  drwx------ root root
just so that mc can't navigate into them unless it's mounted on.)

A problem might arise if there's something remembering seeing an
entry formerly under /home/lucio/_data/ that is now inaccessible.
At least, that's how I remember it. (I didn't put the mountpoint,
say JAZ, into ~/, but think I once had links such as ~/Debs/
pointing to /media/JAZ/subdirectory-full-of-.deb-files/ which
caused the problem when the Jaz drive wasn't mounted. All
a long while ago as you can guess from the technology.)