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Re: solved Re: Insertion of USB devices not being recognised.

On Wed, 27 Jun 2018 19:56:22 +0200
deloptes <deloptes@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> terryc wrote:
> > The current diagnose is that the front usb ports have failed for
> > data. they work fine for power(mobile phone charging), but not for
> > data.
> > 
> > Not impressed as the mobo is less than two years old.  
> I hope for you and your health that you clean up your home regularly.
> Two years is nothing, however I had a situation when some fine
> particles get into the usb plug of my mobile and it refused to work,
> because it was covering the contact plate.

Definitely not the issue. the hovel is late 1940's construction and the
major VOC sources are 30+ years old, unless the mobo itself is toxic,
but non other of the trio has that problem.

I'm coming to the conclusion that a lot of mass produced electronic
products suffer from very poor quality soldering and this is probably
such a case.

FWIW, I experience a VOC issue in the 1990's when i was working User
support and the mob I worked for decided to go with the ACER plastic
386(?) computer into a newly buld and furnished tower building. I
quickly twigged that various computer failures were down to
'cruft' coating the various contacts and reinserting  them a few
time would fix the problem. Well before it was documented in the
science press.

We're still to experience flotsam and jetsum clogging the various
min-usbs floating around. The mobile phone spends most of it life
packed ina soft cover as it only ever travels when we go on major trips
for emergency use.