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Re: timeout before file dialogs show up

Il 24/06/2018 20:15, bw ha scritto:

I had the same thing happen to me on kde, but only for vlc prog.  The
first time I opened a file it took 25 sec for the dialog to pop up.  It
drove me crazy.

I eventually solved it, but I can't remember how, sorry.  The steps I took
were something like this:

try another user account

If I login with another user it's the same. However if I login with my user account, then

lucio@mypc:~$ xhost +
lucio@mypc:~$ su - other
other@mypc:~$ lowriter
Menu File | Open

the problem does not show up while using the other account that way.

try removing certain conf files in ~/.config
try removing write access to them after they are recreated
tweaking files named QT* in ~/.config/
tweaking files in ~/.config/gtk-*/

See above, same problem also with completely new and clean user account.

removing all Trolltech.conf and restart desktop


getting rid of anything that saves recent files

so you mean something like "apt-get remove \*"?

purging all the samba/file sharing stuff I could find

This one sounds interesting to me, however I'ìm afraid that a

# find / | grep samba | xargs rm -f

would be a little too dangerous... what do you mean by "all stuff"? Do you mean packages that contain "samba" in their name?