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Re: Self-censorship 101 (was: Problems with https://manpages.debian.org/)


On Tue, Jun 26, 2018 at 05:51:27PM -0500, David Wright wrote:
> > 2) Why bother with /etc/hosts at all, if one can use DNS or HTTP proxy
> > for the same purpose with much simplier configuration (hint - you cannot
> > block all sites in a domain via /etc/hosts unless you list all of them
> > there).
> That's probably why it's so long.

That's the only reason it's that long.

> But do I want to set up a DNS proxy
> on each host, with any wheezy, jessie and stretch differences to sort
> out?

Why would you? You set up a single DNS (or HTTP proxy) and point all
your devices there.
Setting up a local DNS resolver is justifiable for a laptop, of course,
provided you carry one with you into different networks.

> Then I have to maintain my list of domains to send to localhost.
> Where do I start with that?

My DNS of choice for small LAN segments is dnsmasq.

> > 3) Why cripple system-wide resolver for a single program (in this
> > case - a browser). A suitable browser plugin should suffice here.
> How long does it take to read ½MB into memory (once) and then check
> it? Obviously not very long as it works well.

You misunderstood me, it seems. You make a change to the file that's
respected by each and every program that utilizes gethostbyname(3) and
The only positive thing that achieves is better browsing experience, and
the reason you do this is the brokenness of Modern Web™.
At the same time you get numerous side effects for every other program
in your system(s), which may or may not be problematic.

>  A plugin means yet more maintenance for me to do.

They say that one should not argue about tastes. So I won't.