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Re: Help need in a Debian Based Project

On 6/26/18, deloptes <deloptes@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> David Wright wrote:
>> Really? Looking at
>> https://github.com/fossasia/meilix/blob/master/sources.list I see no
>> mention of Debian at all (unless you count "deb"):
> This the brainless ubuntu generation, but they tend to document
> extensively.
> I admired it. I wish I could have such team members.

My totally unhumble opinion on anything like this is that.. once a
completely different team of developers puts their tweaks all over a
base product, that kind of puts any questions about that product into
the hands of that secondary team of developers.

Maybe yes, maybe no, but those secondary tweaks may be the root cause
of whatever is occurring. It seems logical to start an inquiry
there... and then move back up the food chain after all possible
causatives have been ruled out by the last creative Minds that touched
a product before it hit the cyber shelves....

Ditto on the documentation. They've got it going on when it comes to
hitting the front page of web searches.. #hsfmodem *COUGH!*

Cindy :)
Cindy-Sue Causey
Talking Rock, Pickens County, Georgia, USA

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