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Re: session trunking with NFS


On Tue, Jun 26, 2018 at 08:57:25AM +0200, Stefan Krueger wrote:
> Hello,
> so far as I know Debian stretch is shipped with NFS-Version 4.2. The RFC[1] said NFSv4.1 has the capability for sessiontrunking to speed up the performance/throughput, so my question is how can I archiv this? How to configure the NFS-server and how to mount it on the client-side? There is no hint in the manpage for this.

The way they describe the feature at [1], it does not seem being that useful.

Assuming that you don't need a bunch of kernel patches ([1] describes
Debian 7.9), all you need to do is obtain an NFS server with multiple
non-bonded network interfaces, a client with the same, and mount NFS
share several times into the same directory.

And all you get out of this is the ability to utilize several network
links on both NFS client and server for a single client.

Personally I'd rather use conventional network bonding on NFS server,
and be done with it.

[1] http://packetpushers.net/multipathing-nfs4-1-kvm/