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Re: Audio - Dummy Output, except for root

On Mon, Jun 25, 2018 at 9:58 AM, Kent West <westk@xxxxxxx> wrote:
I recently dist-upgraded my Buster/Sid box, and lost:
 - audio as a normal user.

... have no audio when I log into X as a normal user (or at least as my normal user; now that I think about it, I'll try as a different normal user as soon as I get this email sent off).

I tried a different user, and that user also has no audio.

In both X11/Cinnamon and X11/Plasma Desktop, the audio button on the panel shows "Dummy Output" as the audio device when I log into X as my normal user. I added my user to the "audio" group and logged out/in and tried again; no change.

I then Ctrl-Alt-F1'd to TT1, logged in as root, "systemctl stop sddm", and "startx &" as root, and the DM was a simpler DM (maybe XFCE? maybe LXDE? it wasn't obvious, at least to me)

It was XFCE.

So audio works for root, but not for my normal user (even after being added to the "audio" group).

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