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Re: Beowulf gone?

On 2018-06-25, Hans <hans.ullrich@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Am Montag, 25. Juni 2018, 10:13:21 CEST schrieb Mike Castle:
> Hi Mike, 
> thank you very much for this very informative response. So it looks like, I 
> have to search for a solution which will exactly fit my needs. 
> The primary goal or interest will be, to render videos (I say some kind of 
> "Micro-Pixar-Studio" :)   ), as I was aked for this by some friend.

Cinelerra (can't vouch for it and don't even know whether it's open
source, if you're one of the purists in the crowd) has a render farm
"feature" (Blender, I believe, now includes a network rendering addon).

I suppose (perhaps erroneously) that once you have a working lan set up
the cluster farm (I almost said something else!) shouldn't be too
arduous to configure.

Maybe not up to Pixar snuff, but I would think many video rendering
softs include some kind of distributed rendering feature these days
(although I wouldn't really know, as I ain't a renderer myself).

Bonne chance.

> All responses her in the debian grpup showed me, that things are not as easy 
> as I imagined and there is no siomple amnd easy solution.  That is no problem, 
> as I am willing to learn and I alrerady found several documentations, whixch I 
> will read the next time.
> For now, thank you all for yourt hints and informations, and I believe, for 
> now this thing can be marked as solved.
> Best regards and have always fun!