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Re: Beowulf gone?

On Sun, Jun 24, 2018 at 09:17:25PM +0200, Hans wrote:
I am interested in clustering a server for educacation purposes,  Asd far as I
remembewr, there had bbeen some debian packages called "beowulf" or so,

beowulf was a system at NASA Goddard 20 years ago. The basic idea of clustering computers was around before that, and is still around today. There are many different kinds of clusters depending on what you're trying to accomplish. Availability? Scaling to massive data sets? Can the work be easily distributed without much communication or does one computation depend on the results of many other computations? The problem determines the software & hardware. As a starting point you could look at hadoop and spark and openmpi and openstack to get some idea of the scale and breadth of the question.
Mike Stone