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Re: What is "discover -t" saying?

On 2018-06-24, Richard Owlett <rowlett@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Thank you. I'm interested in only:
> Prolific Technology, Inc. PL25A1 Host-Host Bridge
> I'm missing understanding of "something" everyone takes for granted.

Many of your gooses seem a little wild.

> While following chain of links I found "discover -t".
> I suspect my problems understanding this is closely related to "Why 
> doesn't connecting the cable "Just Work"? Every other USB device I've 
> ever used does. There some fundamental detail missing.

I'm reading when you plug this cable into a linux host the usbnet driver
enters into the fray, creating a network interface (usb0?) that
subsequently requires *configuration*. 


machine 1: ifconfig usb0
machine 2: ifconfig usb0

A successful ping between m1 and m2 would indicate, well, success.

Then you need to establish some sort of transfer protocol (ftp, ssh, tgif,
http) for the data transmision.

Seems like a PITA. 

Maybe I'm all wet. Or you already know all this (or something).