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Re: What is "discover -t" saying?

On 06/24/2018 09:35 AM, The Wanderer wrote:
On 2018-06-24 at 10:07, Richard Owlett wrote:

On 06/24/2018 08:38 AM, The Wanderer wrote:

discover --vendor-id --model-id -t | grep unknown

discover --vendor-id --model-id -t | grep unknown
1912 0015 unknown unknown


This would appear to be a USB3 controller device. (Unless that's
actually a USB ID, and the PCI ID match is a false positive; I've never
seen that happen, but I don't know if it can be ruled out.)

1bbb 0195 unknown unknown

(although that site appears to be down at the moment).

For some reason this doesn't seem to be listed in the main usb.ids file
hosted at usb-ids.ucw.cz; however, the vendor ID is listed there, as 'T
& A Mobile Phones'. Based on the two devices listed under that vendor
ID, that appears to be Alcatel.

Thank you. I'm interested in only:
Prolific Technology, Inc. PL25A1 Host-Host Bridge

I'm missing understanding of "something" everyone takes for granted.

While following chain of links I found "discover -t".
I suspect my problems understanding this is closely related to "Why doesn't connecting the cable "Just Work"? Every other USB device I've ever used does. There some fundamental detail missing.