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Re: What is "discover -t" saying?

On 06/24/2018 08:16 AM, The Wanderer wrote:
On 2018-06-24 at 08:10, Richard Owlett wrote:

The discover(1) manpage does not describe output format/fields.
The relevant output line is:> Prolific Technology, Inc. PL25A1 Host-Host
Bridge unknown unknown

There are two fields whose content is "unknown".
What are they?

If you look at the "Examples" section of the man page, you'll see that
the first example given includes four lines which consist *only* of
"unknown unknown".

 From that, and from the information provided on the other lines from the
output examples, I infer that the output format is "vendor model".
(Those terms are listed under the third example, "Get model and vendor
information by type".)

In other words: this line represents a device of an unknown model, from
an unknown vendor.

(All of that is my inference and interpretation, not based on anything
more solid. Even assuming I've got it right, I agree that the man page
could be clearer about this.)

Except [ <grin> &/or <groan> ], lsusb reports:
Bus 004 Device 062: ID 067b:25a1 Prolific Technology, Inc. PL25A1 Host-Host Bridge
The "067b" is Vendor ID.
The "25a1" identifies a particular device of that manufacturer.

Thanks for trying.