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SOLVED, mostly. [Was: Re: Have managed a CUPS printer addition, but the queue is a black hole.

On 24.06.18 10:04, mick crane wrote:
> On 2018-06-23 13:12, Erik Christiansen wrote:
> > The new CUPS & HP-LaserJet-3050 addition prints the printer self-test
> > page immediately, the CUPS test page after several minutes, but other
> > print jobs not at all. Again, printing from xpdf, the job is queued:
> > but no printer output.
> > The CUPS test page includes "Driver: HP3380_6.PPD". I don't know if it
> > has selected the best one, or if that's relevant to this print job
> > evaporation.
> any error messages on the printer ?
> more than 1 tray ? right tray selected ?

No errors on the printer, and now I find that in addition to the test
pages mentioned, it prints a .ps saved to file from libreoffice
immediately, without any problems. But postscript output by xpdf, which
is what I had to hand for the post-installation tests, is still queued
and lost without output or visible symptom. So, to probe what's up
there, I printed to file from xpdf, then lpr-ed that, as I had done with
the saved .ps from libreoffice. That disappeared too, so it seems that
the ps from xpdf is somehow unprintable, though they're all %!PS-Adobe-3.0. 

For the moment, I'll put it down to an xpdf problem, rather than cups,
as another .ps I had to hand prints too. Ah ... printing directly from
libreoffice, something I very rarely use, works too. It's mysterious
rather than a show-stopper now, so we'll see how much effort I put in
later to try to print from xpdf and anything else which fails similarly.

Thanks for the inquiring mind.


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