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Re: [SOLVED] Re: Question to rsync

Am Freitag 22 Juni 2018 schrieb Hans:
> Am Freitag, 22. Juni 2018, 11:34:43 CEST schrieb tomas@xxxxxxxxxx:
> Thank you Tomas, and all the others for the fast response. 
> I believe, the --delete option will doi the trick for me. 
> I want to sync two mail folders, so that I see my mails in Plasma and also in 
> Trinity, so that I regularlöy sync tzhe plasma-(kmail)-folder to trinitý-
> (kmail)-folder with a cronjob. 
> Sop, whern I delete a mail in plasma, it shall also be deleted in the next 
> sync in trinity. So I am sure, as you described, the --delete option will do 
> this.
> Thanks for the fast solution.
> Have a nice weekend

Hallo Hans,

I've always successfully synced the kmail (Trinity) data directory between system with this command:
rsync -avuh --delete $HOME/.trinity/share/apps/kmail/ user@otherhost:.trinity/share/apps/kmail

You can, as you probably know, test with "-n", which only outputs, what rsync would do, and in case it's too much output, pipe that through less.

But, I have also synced kmail's config files:
rsync -avuh --delete $HOME/.trinity/share/config/{kmail,email}* user@otherhost:.trinity/share/config/