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Re: ferm systemd rasbian

On 21.06.2018 18:42, Don Armstrong wrote:
> On Wed, 20 Jun 2018, basti wrote:
>> ferm is starting but some other network services fail, eg.
>> - dhcp
>> - interfaces have no addresses
>> The Lan interface is down for example.
>> When I login and force it with ifup -a it get an address but dhcp still
>> wont start.
> Without knowing more details, this sure sounds like you have some sort
> of issues with your firewall rules not properly allowing DHCP.
> You might have better luck including your ferm.conf and possibly the
> output of iptables -L -n; when things work and iptables -L -n; when they
> don't.

I have fixed it. dhcpcd was the problem.