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Re: akondadi - should be really improved!

Hans wrote:

> Yes, and this behavior appears also from the beginning on. It is annoying.
> I had the hope, that it will be fixed some day. But it is not, even after
> years. I do not want to blame someone, as I respect the time and efforts,
> the developers give for the community. But when it is not fixed, maybe it
> should be dropped.

it's just a mysql/mariadb in the backend of akonadi. If you use filebackend
move to mysql.

>> (for others) I do not want to enter into the Trinity vs current version
>> debate.
> I am using Trinity besides Plasma, but kmail-trinity and kmail-plasma can
> not use the same mail share. At the moment I just sync two mail folders.
> On the other hand, it is impressive, how smooth Trinity is running and you
> see, that there is a lot of heartblood in it.

It is something like old school vs. new school. The old soldier shoots has
more experience, but also older armor. The new one is not so experienced,
but has modern armor.
I must admit with qt5 things improve, but still too fragile for my taste.
I wish KDE would finally focus on stability.