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akondadi - should be really improved!

Hi folks, 

just a little feedback. IMO akonadi in kmail should be either really improved 
or dropped.

I do not want to mourne, as I know, there is lots of work done in free time, 
but akonadi at the moment (better since the change to akonadi in kmail) is 

Akonadi is slow, really slow. If you want to delete lots of mails in one line, 
it does not. You have to delete one after the other, which is annoying.

And even this is not always working. Rather often it hangs. Then you have to 
click to another folder (i.e. sent mail), then click the desired folder where 
you want to delete the mails and you can go on.

Looks like fast deletion is not possible.

Don't know if anyone got into the same trouble, but IMO akonadi should be 

Please don't mind, best regards