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Re: Import messages from Icedove to Thunderbird

On 06/05/18 11:09, Markos wrote:
I've just installed Debian 9 (stretch) and I'm trying to import folder with messages from Icedove 38.5.0 at my old PC (running debian 8) to my new PC with Thunderbird 52.8.0.

In Icedove I select a folder and Tools -> Import/export in mbox/eml format -> Export folder

And save the file in a pendrive.

In Thunderbird I select Tools -> Import -> Messages -> Mail -> Next

But appear only the message: No application or data file to import

And no option to select the file that contains the contact list as in


Please, any tip?

Up through Debian 7, I copied message files and folders:

<PROFILE_DIR>/Mail/Local\ Folders/*

and used the Address Book export and import utilities.  This mostly worked.

But as of Debian 9 (I skipped Debian 8), copying files and folders caused a lot of problems. The only method that worked correctly was to copy the entire profile directory: