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Re: Boot process related logs. What? Where?

Richard Owlett wrote:
> My explicit question is:
>     Does an annotated list of boot process related log files and
>     their locations exist?

  /var/log/installer ?

> I did a reasonably typical install from DVD-1 of Debian 9.1.0 .
> It is at least partly functional - I can log in as root.
> The only error message during boot was that it could not find a device 
> with a specific UUID. It didn't stick around long enough to manually 
> copy the string.
> What is odd is that the last 5 characters match the UUID of the 
> partition it is booting from.
> I need to know:
>    1. the complete UUID string
>    2. what was it looking for at the time
> I know that many log files are under  /var/log/ .

  yes, and it helps to know what they all are...

> I used an operable system to examine the files on the failed partition 
> and could not find a useful readable file. One file had an interesting 
> name, but was apparently a binary file.

  is this system supposed to be running systemd?

  if so, create a /var/log/journal directory to get persistent
logs from systemd.

  then you can use journalctl to look at them.