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Re: Debian 9 x64 wine32

On 06/02/2018 08:06 PM, ulifan@xxxxxx wrote:
> i am trying to install wine32 on a amd64 debian stretch system.

> Using apt-get the package "wine32" is known, but needs libwine:i386.
> Trying to install all dependencies results in a possible complete chnage of the 
> system-packages, which i have interrupted.

What do you mean by a "complete change of system-packages"? If you mean
that libwine:i386 pulls in a lot of :i386 libraries, that's to be
expected, as it needs all of its dependencies in i386. I don't remember
it ever replacing my packages.

If you mean that it's somehow replacing existing packages, try posting
what kind of changes apt-get is suggesting, so we can get a better view
of what's going on in your system.

As for the synaptic thing, no idea, I've never used it. Hopefully
someone else around here knows.