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Re: rsync error -- "Protocol incompatibility" Why?

On 05/28/2018 07:15 AM, David wrote:
On 28 May 2018 at 22:07, Richard Owlett <rowlett@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I had used rsync to back up a different partition with no problems.

I used that command as a model to attempt to backup another partition.

root@debian-jan13:~# root@debian-jan13:~# rsync --verbose  --progress
--stats --recursive --times --perms --links /media/root/drescued_commo/
sending incremental file list
rsync: change_dir "/media/root/drescued_commo" failed: No such file or
directory (2)

In the above command you have "drescued_commo".

I then checked for existence of source:

root@debian-jan13:~# ls /media/root
17oct2017   debian64          rco             sda14.bak
backups     gddrescued_commo  rco1            sd-card
common      good-fvwm         recover-common  stretch-2nd
common-bak  jessie8-6-sda6    sci-fi-dvds     tomboy-testing

In the above output you have "gddrescued_commo" which
is not the same as "drescued_commo".

Which would explain why rsync says:
"rsync: change_dir "/media/root/drescued_commo" failed: No such file
or directory (2)"

Does that help?

*DUH* <slaps head and drinks second cup of coffee>

But that raises another question.
Why does error message identify a protocol problem after having correctly identified the problem as "No such file or directory".

Wouldn't "Error 3 --  Errors selecting input/output files, dirs"
be less misleading?