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Re: Installing Debian on a Minnowboard Turbot with installer on USB stick?

Le 27/05/2018 à 00:19, Rick Thomas a écrit :
Does anyone have experience installing Debian on a Minnowboard Turbot?

Not me.

I have a dual-core, single ethernet, Turbot.  I’m able to install Debian (Buster) from a physical DVD, but when I dd the installer .iso to a USB stick, and try to install from the stick, the Turbot’s firmware doesn’t see the stick as a bootable medium.

If I install (using the physical DVD in a USB connected DVD drive) to a USB stick, that USB stick (the one I installed to) will boot fine.  So it’s not that it just can’t boot from a USB stick.

The documentation isn’t entirely clear, but I *think* the Turbot’s boot firmware is UEFI-only.  Would that make a difference?

Probably not, if the same image boots from a DVD.

It seems odd that the exact same bits should be seen as bootable when presented on a DVD, but not when presented on a USB stick…

No, it is perfectly normal. The expected boot structures on a DVD and a USB stick (or floppy, hard disk...) are completely different. The Debian installer ISO images are called "hybrid" because they combine a DVD layout and a regular hard disk (or USB stick). But this comes at a price : the partition table layout could be considered invalid on a strict point of view.