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Re: Cannot delete files

On Sat, 26 May 2018 13:42:51 -0500 David Wright said:

> That's a new one on me: is it meant to happen? It seems like a
> Catch-22 if you can't delete files when a partition is full.
> All I've observed is that various things get stuck, depending on
> the filesystem involved (usually /home in my case).

mke2fs or tune2fs "-m" (reserved blocks percentage) is for these situations.
When the partition is full (minus reserved blocks) regular users cannot write
anymore except root. It's default value while filesystem creation is 5%, which
is too much for a partition larger than several gigs. I drop it to 1% (tune2fs
-m 1) for all partitions after installation.

As for OP, if disk-full condition was the case, then he could switch to root on
terminal session and delete some files.

Abdullah Ramazanoğlu