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Re: Update on my update problem with gnome system.

On Sat, 26 May 2018 20:08:59 +0200 Pétùr said:
> I don't use aptitude. I use only apt and apt-get but I believe apt is
> just a shortcut for apt-get. `apt update` is equivalent for me to
> `apt-get update` and `apt dist-upgrade` to `apt-get dist-upgrade`
> (correct me if I am wrong).
> My question was if apt (or apt-get) dist-upgrade was equivalent of apt
> (or apt-get) full-upgrade?

There is no "apt-get full-upgrade" nor "apt dist-upgrade".

apt or apt-get upgrade does upgrade in passive mode: It never install new
packages, never removes existing ones. Just upgrades existing ones as far as

apt-get dist-upgrade does upgrade in proactive mode: It installs new packages
and removes existing packages if need be.

OTOH apt full-upgrade works in between: It never installs new packages (as in
upgrade), but removes existing packages if need be.

I never use apt, so I am relying on the man page. It seems that there is no
equivalent of "apt-get dist-upgrade" in apt.

Abdullah Ramazanoğlu