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Re: Get the external IP address from a Linux box

Alberto Luaces <aluaces@xxxxxx> writes:

> Joe writes:
>> On the assumption that you are using a router of some kind, your public
>> IP address will be that of the router WAN port (cable, ADSL, etc.) and
>> there will be a method of determining that by connecting to the router
>> as an administrator. That method will depend entirely on the router.
> If the router supports upnp and it is activated, you can check the
> external IP in an device-independent way with
> upnpc -l | grep ExternalIPAddress

The miniupnpc Debian package even comes with the `external-ip` script
which basically does the above.

I just tried it and it worked (tho only after I installed & enabled
miniupnpd on my OpenWRT router).  Of course, the IP address that my
router gets could itself be an "internal IP" behind a NAT firewall of my
ISP, so even if `external-ip` does give an answer I'm not sure it's
guaranteed to be "the" external IP address.