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Re: making more room in root partition for distribution upgrade

Le 22/05/2018 à 00:12, Abdullah Ramazanoğlu a écrit :
On Mon, 21 May 2018 23:18:50 +0200 Pascal Hambourg said:
Le 21/05/2018 à 22:09, Abdullah Ramazanoğlu a écrit :

I would agree mirroring swap for a mission critical server. Otherwise it
would be an overkill, IMO.

If one of the non-mirrored swaps go down, then I will get a system crash.

So you lose system availability. If you can stand this, then you don't
need availability.

Although swap going offline causing "a system crash" was a bit of an
overstatement. More likely, some user space applications would crash, allowing
a graceful system shutdown - once in 15 years or so.

What is of primary value of using RAID-1 for me is protecting my data against
disk failures.

As for continuous system availability, yes I am willing to trade it a bit on a
non-critical system for better disk utilization and performance.

I understand that your use case does not require swap redundancy.
I hope that you also understand that other people may have stronger requirements and your statement about swap mirroring was wrong for them, thus wrong in general (what is not always right is wrong).