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Re: Hard Drive Encryption

On 22/05/2018 19:25, Matthew Crews wrote:
On Tuesday, May 22, 2018 6:33:17 AM MST you wrote:
It is possible to encrypt a hard drive at anytime in Debian?

HP Garcia

Yes, using any number of tools, including LUKS.

Is it possible to encrypt your root partition at any time? Not while the
system is running, as far as I know. If it is, its not an easy procedure. Its
best to encrypt your root partition at install time (which the Debian
installer will allow you to perform).

Is it possible to encrypt your /home partition at any time? Yes, but its not a
straight forward process. It can definitely be done while the system is
running, but its not recommended.

If you feel adventurous, check [1], the tool "luksipc" is in Debian Buster/Sid. It goes without saying that a couple of recent backups are a must before trying this. It doesn't work from the running system though, and you need to read the "disclaimer" part first (specially the part about disk with read errors) .

LUKS has come a long way, it is now possible to move (even to the previously dreaded "left" of the disk) and resize a container with G.U.I. tools like "gparted" or KDE "partitionmanager". Not yet from a running system but it is getting much easier. "luksipc" worked well for me but only on test systems with little data and simple setups, so I can't vouch for it besides the sandbox use-case.

[1] https://johannes-bauer.com/linux/luksipc/