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Re: Correct: System Thinks Hardware Clock is UTC

On Sun, 20 May 2018 22:42:24 +0300 Abdullah Ramazanoğlu said:
> Alternatively, you might try replaying the question-answer sequence regarding
> RTC at install time.
> ~$ dpkg -S /sbin/hwclock
> util-linux: /sbin/hwclock
> Perhaps "dpkg-reconfigure util-linux" might cause the same install-time
> question be asked again (presumably along with other questions).
> Regards

Sorry, "debconf-show util-linux" shows nothing, which suggests there's no dpkg
config settings for util-linux. Whether to set the hwclock to UTC or localtime
should have been asked in installing some other package.

Anyway, it was a miss as an alternative way, the main solution being you
initial proposition of "hwclock --localtime"

I would suggest renaming /etc/adjtime (if it exists) so that you can compare
the difference after the change.

Abdullah Ramazanoğlu