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Re: why gdb-doc is in non-free ??!

Alexander Villalba <alexvillalb159@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> why gdb-doc is in non-free ??!:

Because the GNU FDL does not grant the freedoms necessary for free

> gdb-doc is also GNU

The ‘gdb-doc’ work is released by the Free Software Foundation, and they
intend it to be part of the GNU operating system. But, confusingly, the
FSF do not consider that work to be free software (because they make an
arbitrary and ill-defined distinction between documentation and


For a work to be included in Debian, this distinction is irrelevant: the
work must satisfy the Debian Free Software Guidelines.

Because the license restrictions do not grant the freedoms promised in
the Debian Free Software Guidelines, the ‘gdb-doc’ work cannot be in

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