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Re: Help with udev trigger

Bhasker C V wrote:
> Hi,
>  Version: buster
>  I do a manual cryptsetup to create my home directory after system boots up
>  I want to run fsck every time the device node is created from luks
>  I added this udev rule
> ACTION="change",DEVTYPE="disk",ID_FS_UUID="cf1b64cf-7a62-4a43-ad44-6c68f2bbdec5"
> RUN+="/bin/btrfsck /dev/mapper/home"
> But this rule is not getting triggered. Could someone help please to
> point out what mistake I am doing ?

  i'm guessing that after the boot that there is no
change happening to trigger it...

  what happens if you make the rule "add|change" instead?