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Re: "pre-treating" documents from certain remote URLs before a web browser renders them

On Tue, May 15, 2018 at 12:58:04AM +0000, davidson wrote:
> And I seem to have a partial solution to this problem: I can make XSLT
> stylesheets[1] that will transform a web page A, as received from a
> remote site, into a XHTML document B that better suits my purposes.[2]
> I find it entertaining to make these, so I would like to figure out
> how to incorporate them into a solution to the problem above.
> But at the moment I do not know a good solution to the rest of the
> problem, namely how to incorporate the application of stylesheets (and
> preliminary preprocessing) into the web browsing activity.
> I would like to launch a web browser[3], browse pages at domain X, and
> know that when I go to http://X/page, or https://X/page, etc, the
> browser will render not the page served from the remote site, but will
> render instead that page as transformed by the appropriate stylesheet
> tailored for pages from X.

An amusingly large percentage of these things can be done in
Firefox via JavaScript and CSS.

See GreaseMonkey:  https://wiki.greasespot.net/Main_Page