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Re: AI spam filter

deloptes writes:
> Nicolas George wrote:
> I doubt there is something meaningful beyond bayesian spam filter. It is the
> most efficient way. Neural Network is a method, which would not apply very
> well to spam detection as it is more sophisticated and leads to unjustified
> overhead. This is my estimation only, but I spent few years studying some
> aspects of AI in the domain of text and speech processing and I think I
> would qualify for opinion.
> If I recall correctly bayesian method is based on providing probability by
> observing 1 item in context of 2 other items, which is scientifically
> proven to be most efficient. I recall there were statistics that you gain
> almost nothing if you add another 1 or 2 items to the context.
> At that time neural networks were introduced and we had few exercises, so I
> think I also know how basically NN works. 

Its very old, (c. 1994, when "bugless" added scoring to recipes,) but
procmail(1) can be used for Bayesian UCE filtering, (or very close
approximation thereof.) See:


In addition, it can analyze message's metadata, (i.e., Received:
records, etc.,) and, importantly, handle whitelists, etc.



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